Potato Chips Frying Machine Line:

The working of the Potato chips frying machine line is automated, right from washing and peeling to packaging. The frying duration and the frying temperature can be adjusted to get crunchy and crispy fried chips.

Steps associated with the potato chips frying machines line

1) Washing machine and peeling machine:

Fresh potatoes are introduced into the washing machine. This machine cleans the potato by removing the dirt with water. This machine also checks for spoiled and green edged potatoes which may give a sour taste. Later, the fresh potatoes are introduced into the peeling machine for removing its skin, without wasting the actual potato.

2) Cutting slicing machine

The skin peeled potatoes will now enter the cutting and slicing machine. This is the second step in the potato chips frying machine line. The thickness of the slice can be manually chosen after which the machine will slice the freshly arrived potatoes.

3) Blanching machine

The freshly sliced potatoes are washed with cold water that gets rid of the excess starch released when the potatoes are sliced. Ideally, this procedure must be practiced or else the potatoes will carry a starch-like paste which will get stuck while frying the potatoes. Therefore, to produce crispy and crunchy chips, the blanching process is practiced.

4) Fryer

The temperature of the fryer can be set manually. In this machine, the potatoes will be fried at a desired level such that, the potato chips are tasty, yummy and crispy.

5) De-Oiler

There are lots of people who munch on crispy fried potato chips. After the frying process, the fried chips are quite oily. To remove the excess oil, this unique de-oiling machine is used which is highly efficient and fast. This machine also reduces the labour requirement, and enhances the working conditions.

6) Air cooler

The hot fried oil-free chips are cooled down to ambient temperature in this air cooling machine before sending it to the last stage i.e. packing

7) Packing

This is the final stage in the potato chips frying machine line. The potato chips are packed in such a manner, so as to maintain their crispiness, and are protected from getting oxidized.


*All our processing lines are custom made and the above list is just to comprehend the process.