Chana Roaster Machine from Snactek: The perfect roasting solution

A chana roaster machine is used for efficiently delivering crunchy, salty and roasted chana. The machine components are of superior quality, and made of long-lasting materials. Not just our production team, but our testing team has also put in efforts to test the efficiency and durability of the roaster. The major benefits of using the chana roaster machine is reduced manpower, enhanced operating efficiency, uniform roasting, lesser energy consumption, optimum air circulation, ease of use and maintenance.

Snactek's Almond Roasting Machine: For that perfectly roasted almond

Almonds can also be considered under the nuts category, and are teardrop in shape. They happen to grow on the almond tree, and mostly comes with a shell. The shelled almonds are rinsed with hot water to get rid of the outer coating, and the result is a smooth white interior.

This roasting machine provides the almonds a unique appearance and aroma. Ideally, such almond roasting machines have in place a salting process at first, followed by the roasting process. It is very important to maintain proper roasting temperature, to get tasty roasted almonds.

Now you can produce crunchy, sliced, diced, blanched almonds along with butter oil, almond flour, milk, oil, butter and many other varieties to satisfy the taste buds of the nut lovers with a balanced nutrition.

Continuous Roasters: An Overview

The continuous nuts roasting machine is mainly composed of a conveyor system and a roasting furnace. The conveyor system consists of conveyor belts made of steel chain plates, which carry material and heat them evenly and uniformly in the roasting furnace. The heating unit is integrated with one or more air circulation systems. Continuous belt type roasting machine adopts gas heating and other methods to heat. Low rate of product breakage, minimum pollution makes it an ideal food processing equipment for continuous roasting and drying of nuts, seeds and other granular food.

SNACTEK MODEL Output Shelled Peanuts Fuel
SAPPHIRE 200 200 kgs/hr. Gas / Diesel/ Agro base
SAPPHIRE 500 500 kgs/hr. Gas / Diesel/ Agro base
SAPPHIRE 1000 1000 kgs/hr. Gas / Diesel/ Agro base
SAPPHIRE 2000 2000 kgs/hr. Gas / Diesel/ Agro base


    Touchscreen control (PLC) is standard on our continuous roaster for full functionality at your fingertips. Effortlessly explore burner settings, drop and discharge product, and track roast profiles with real-time feedback.
    Due to automatic temperature control settings, product colour, aroma and taste are preserved and fuel is saved.
    Equipped with a variable speed drive to control the belt speed and variable temperature setting to control the roasting temperature.
    Minimum product breakage due to minimum product handling and high-quality conveyor belts.
    DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from high-quality and high durability stainless steel (SS-304/ SS-316) sheets.