Peanut Roasting Machine from Snactek

A Peanut roasting machine is used for producing roasted and fried peanuts. Ideally, a roasting machine involves the following steps:

Generally, in a roasting machine, blanching marks the beginning of peanut processing by getting rid of the peanut's red skin which gives a bitter taste. After this, they are granulated into smaller pieces that are more suitable for toppings.
After the blanching process, airing is the next procedure in a peanut roasting machine. It is normally used to blow off any dirt or the leftover skin peels.
Under this, the fresh peanuts are flavored as per the need. Sometimes, edible colored peanuts are also produced to make them look attractive.
As a part of the frying process, oil is heated at a fixed temperature, after which the freshly flavored peanuts are introduced and fried to an optimum level to make them crispy. Special controls are present to prevent burnt peanuts.
Now, the crunchy peanuts go into the deoiling chamber where the excess oil is removed by boiling it in hot water and allowing it to dry.
Under this, the boiled peanuts are cooled with the help of fast cooling fans.
The final stage is packing and it is done in such a way so that the peanuts do not lose their crispiness till the pack is opened and kept for a long time.
The above steps associated with a peanut roasting machine may differ from machine to machine.
For the best and optimum roasted peanuts, the environment can be controlled with the help of high-end technology.

Snactek: One of the Best Peanut Roasting Manufacturers in India

This roasting machine from Snactek, one of the leading peanut roasting machine manufacturers will save energy, time, labor and incur lesser maintenance cost. Simple in terms of the design, here is a multipurpose machine.
Salient benefits of this machine from Snactek, the premier peanut roasting machine manufacturers.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Minimum manual labor needed