SNACTEK'S Groundnut Roasting Machine

SNACTEK has unveiled a multipurpose groundnut roasting machine. Thanks to the dedicated team of employees in our production unit. The materials used for building this roaster have been carefully chosen by our talented experts. This innovative machine is high in demand amongst our valuable customers, because of its excellent design, quality, and optimum size.

The most chosen method for roasting is the rotatory drum type roasting. We always strive to deliver the best quality Groundnut Roasting Machine to our clients. Here, the product is roasted in a drum that rotates around a horizontal axis. With a roasting capacity of up to 200 kilograms per hour (kg/h), it is particularly suitable for larger shop roasters and smaller to medium industrial roasting facilities with a large variety of products and high-quality demands on the end product. Roast anywhere between 20%-100% of batch capacity with consistent results. Explore new flavor profiles and scale up or keep your batches small for reserve roasts or to fill custom orders.

SNACTEK MODEL Output Shelled Peanuts Fuel
ZIRCON 100 100 kgs/hr Gas
ZIRCON 200 200 kgs/hr Gas

The leading Groundnut machine manufacturer

Amongst the various groundnut machine manufacturers in India, SNACTEK is a pioneer in groundnut roaster manufacturing. This machine being automatic in nature, replaces manpower. Our qualified experts have carved out a niche as being the prime manufacturer and distributor of this machine. It is highly proficient in simmering groundnuts, durable, round the clock functional and efficient. Our machines are well tested and quality checked before delivering them to the clients.
This machine is built with materials of high endurance, that helps in making the environment heat proof. SNACTEK's roaster machine is available in the form of two models namely Zircon 100 and Zircon 200. Both of them use gas as their fuel.
Produce good quality roasted crunchy groundnuts for your customers to munch on!



    The perfectly coordinated mix of controlled roasting air and mechanical motion improves the transmission of thermal energy deep inside your product. This results in highly consistent color and moisture.
    Highly efficient infra-red burners, ensure low fuel consumption.
    Auto-ignition and auto flame sensing unit for minimum human monitoring.
    Double layer of insulation to prevent heat loss.
    Made from high-quality SS304 sheets highly durable.
    The versatile operation can roast multiple products in a single machine.